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Wedding & Special Events

For All of Life’s Special Moments

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Table Centerpieces

Congratulations on your journey to forever! As your dedicated wedding florist, Calla & Rose Floral Studio is here to bring your dream day to life. From saying 'yes' to creating the perfect 'I do,' we offer an array of tailored wedding bouquets. Our meticulously crafted Table Centerpieces are designed to reflect your style, ensuring a captivating presence at your ceremony. Let us adorn your special day with the charm of our floral creations.

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Bridal  Bouquets

Embarking on the journey of marriage? In search of impeccable floral arrangements for your significant day? Look no further than Calla & Rose Floral Studio, your expert wedding florist in Auburn, New York. Our exquisite bouquets are meticulously crafted to enhance the beauty of your momentous occasion, ensuring lasting memories. Discover the allure of our floral creations and elevate your big day to unforgettable heights.

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Bridesmaid Bouquets

Infuse your special day with a touch of color through our exquisite Bridesmaid Bouquets, ensuring your wedding becomes an unforgettable memory. At Calla & Rose Floral Studio in Auburn, New York, we specialize in creating beautiful floral arrangements that reflect your unique style. Elevate your celebration with our captivating blooms and make every moment one to cherish.

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Showers & Parties

Embarking on wedding planning and its exhilarating journey? Dive into the excitement with Calla & Rose Floral Studio. Our diverse range of floral arrangements is tailored to fulfill every desire. From ceremonies to receptions, our captivating blooms will tick all the boxes, adding an exquisite touch to your celebration.

Have a particular vision in mind for the big day? Get in touch and see how we can make your wedding dreams a reality today!


Calla & Rose Weddings

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